Let Them Hear Foundation


The Let Them Hear Foundation helps hearing-impaired individuals toH.E.A.R., specifically those lacking adequate access to funding and healthcare resources. LTHF provides Hearing services for underprivileged American youth; Education for professional and public sectors per cochlear implant hearing healthcare issues and practices; Access development for under-served persons through insurance advocacy and overseas medical missionary efforts; and Research concerning treatment for ear disease and function. Founded by world leader in ear surgery Dr. Joseph Roberson, M.D., LTHF operates in conjunction with the California Ear Institute in Northern California.

Since its inception in 2003, Let Them Hear has trained leading doctors from 17 different countries, including two-thirds of the cochlear implant surgeons in China.  It has coached nearly 1,000 clinicians and school teachers.  And since 2006, LTHF has achieved healthcare coverage for 126 million Americans formerly denied it.  That is over 50% of those insured in America. 

Let Them Hear is funded by donations and patient fees. It does not accept 3rd party advertising at this time.

How can you help?

Why do all Let Them Hear patients get a purple dressing after surgery? Purple is the color of royalty. It reminds everyone that we treat our patients like royalty. To help us continue to provide a royal level service to those in need we need your help. We are most grateful for your support!

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