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The Let Them Hear Foundation helps hearing-impaired individuals toH.E.A.R., specifically those lacking adequate access to funding and healthcare resources. LTHF provides Hearing services for underprivileged American youth; Education for professional and public sectors per cochlear implant hearing healthcare issues and practices; Access development for under-served persons through insurance advocacy and overseas medical missionary efforts; and Research concerning treatment for ear disease and function. Founded by world leader in ear surgery Dr. Joseph Roberson, M.D., LTHF operates in conjunction with the California Ear Institute in Northern California.

Since its inception in 2003, Let Them Hear has trained leading doctors from 17 different countries, including two-thirds of the cochlear implant surgeons in China.  It has coached nearly 1,000 clinicians and school teachers.  And since 2006, LTHF has achieved healthcare coverage for 126 million Americans formerly denied it.  That is over 50% of those insured in America. 

Let Them Hear is funded by donations and patient fees. It does not accept 3rd party advertising at this time.

Let Them Hear Foundation

Let them hear. That simple phrase embodies Dr. Joseph Roberson’s calling to be more than just one of the world’s best ear surgeons—but also an instrument of healing and a witness of God’s goodness in places both dark and light.

As Founder of the Let Them Hear Foundation, a nonprofit established to bring hearing internationally to deaf persons in need, Dr. Roberson has found deep joy in using his surgical giftings to change lives worldwide, often in difficult and complex surgeries to place cochlear implants in persons who would normally be unable to afford them.

Now, he has compiled some of the most powerful tales his unique vocation has led him into and woven them into a book that is as riveting as it is uplifting.

Tracing the pinnacles and low points of Roberson’s impressive career, this memoir transports you to moving and exciting stories of medical work across a global front. You’ll experience first-hand the devastation of loss and the joy in recovery; you’ll be pressed in for a close glimpse at the gritty, harsh world of the emergency room; and you’ll follow Dr. Roberson into the dangerous—and sometimes bizarre—jungles of the third world, both literal and metaphorical.

Most importantly, like Dr. Roberson, you too will be confronted with, and stunned by, the beautiful, miraculous power of healing—one stemming from the simple calling to “let them hear.”

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Thank you to Dave Ramsey and the whole team at the Dave Ramsey radio show for giving us the opportunity to talk about the Let Them Hear Foundation live on air! Listen live on December 18, 2015 at 1PM CST or find the podcast online in the archives. 

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Big Audio Dynamite: Loud Headphones rip Costa Rica WITH THE

Sebastian and Jose David get their hearing back with the help of the Loud Headphones crew and the Let Them Hear Foundation. 

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services for patients including those who have inadequate or non-existent funding resources.

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of professionals and public sector regarding hearing healthcare issues and practices.

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development for under-served people through medical and spiritual missionary efforts.


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relating to diseases of the ear with emphasis on innovative treatment/technique development.


Dr Joe Roberson's new book out now for parents of children with hearing loss is out now!